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Chinese Government The Belt and Road Policy

Over the past 40 years, China's ability to organize the economy is worth affirming. As far as engineering projects are concerned, infrastructure construction must have an advanced vision. The short-term nature of planning may not meet the needs of development, and the inadequate use of new projects is temporary. This is China's experience. The huge plan of "one belt and one road" is made up of countless infrastructure projects, so that even if Beijing meets all the people's opinions, there will still be some problems in specific projects. Doubt and criticism can promote the improvement of strategy and way, and do not negate the overall efficiency and significance of "one belt and one road".

Past history has proved that the state has been struggling for power. But on the issue of "one belt and one road", there are opponents who have been unable to do so and have the possibility of participating in it.

It can be seen that the Chinese government's belt road will have a positive impact on the vacuum accessories industry.

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